Five reasons to use Private Browser in 2021

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We live in a world where you can’t take anything for granted. Every keystroke, swipe, and tap is being watched. That’s why we recommend Private Browser for Android.

We all know the NSA has been paying attention to our online habits, but they’re not the only ones that are watching us.

Your ISP also knows what sites you visit and how long you spend on them using your home Wi-Fi connection.

And then there are companies like Google who have been known to monitor their employees’ internet usage as well as track data about each of its users by compiling information from their search history, emails, maps history, YouTube videos watched, and much more!

Reasons to Use Private Browsers.

1. Signing in to multiple email accounts

If you’re anything like me, you have at least three email accounts. One is your work account that you check all day long, another is for things like shopping or banking, and the last one is personal. It’s a pain to log in and log out when switching between them since privacy is important provided by a Private Browser.

Did you know? Besides the privacy and security risks of using a non-private browser, some other risks are associated with using the same email address for all of your accounts. 

For example, if someone gets ahold of your email password, they can easily access your other accounts. For this reason, it’s essential to use a different email address for each of your accounts, and the Private Browser protects you.

2. Shopping for gifts

There are many advantages to shopping for gifts online with a Private Browser. First, there is no need to navigate crowded store aisles to find the perfect gift. If you are looking for something in particular, you can search for it from your easy chair at home. You can also find the most unusual gifts online, whether kitschy or practical, elegant or humorous.

Besides, shopping for gifts online is an increasingly popular trend. Even though you may not be a fan of online shopping, it can save you time and money, and it’s a lot more convenient. With an online gift card, you can buy any gift you want on any day you want. There’s no standing in lines, no driving around, and no feeling pressured to make a purchase. You can even shop at the last minute if necessary.

3. Avoid auto-fill suggestions in the future

It’s hardly news that a lot of what we do online is tracked. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to accept that as the price of using the internet and all its conveniences. 

One of the most common things that trackers are interested in is your contact information, including your phone number and address. 

In fact, Google will track both your home address and phone number. if it learns it through an email address you provided (for example). if you sign up for a Gmail address and use the auto-fill feature to fill in your address automatically). 

In a nutshell, you can use the private browser to get rid of auto-fill suggestions.

4. Booking travel

Although most of us are used to booking travel online. it’s important to ensure your data is protected with a Private Browser. Although companies like Expedia and Travelocity claim to have the best security systems possible. the information you give them is still vulnerable. Before you make any travel reservations, here are a few tips to protect your private information.

Getting the best deal on flights and other travel arrangements can be one of the most rewarding parts of traveling. It can also be a time-consuming chore of searching websites, going through lists of airline options, and searching for the best deals. Online travel agencies can help you find the best deals on flights and other travel arrangements.

5. Get Discount

Do you know you can use the private browser to get amazing discounts? For example, Udemy shows a course of $399, but with a private browser, it will show you a course of $12 only.

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